Physical Risk Assessments & Due Diligence

We bring engineering & operational expertise to the development or upgrading of physical security infrastructure. Through system specification, vendor selection, and project management, we not only ensure that the systems are installed correctly, but that the operating procedures, training, and transition activities work within the client’s business.

Personal & Executive Protection

Our staff are former members of the U.S. Secret Service and Armed Forces who have advised and protected America’s top leaders during their campaign and diplomatic travels alike. As members of The Guidry Group, these low-key, levelheaded professionals now use their skills in advance planning and logistical coordination to safeguard private and corporate clients who need discreet, high-level protection services

Identity Verification

Verifying the identity, experience and educational achievements of a potential employee for our clients and business partners is simply the beginning. Depending on the role, proximity to confidential information and trust being given to them when they join an organization, understanding potential risks early is key to protecting the business. The number of lawsuits and countersuits in recent years relating to negligent hiring, IP property theft and more, serve to highlight the value of due diligence before any engagement begins.

Business Intelligence

Today’s world brings business partners together from many different countries and cultures. Understanding who you’re about to partner with and what risks they may bring becomes more important today, due to the globalization and speed of which information can travel, and the effect it can have on an organizations stock price for example. With capabilities to research and report on almost any country in the world, we provide the necessary intelligence to avoid costly mistakes.

Personal Security & Family Safety

As specialists in providing discreet and trusted security consulting services to our Private Clients, The Guidry Group has a long history of understanding the unique needs of successful families and wealthy individuals. We handle anything and everything to minimize the risks they face when at home or away, and we educate and advise in areas that others simply cannot.

Why Choose The Guidry Group?

      • Trusted Security Providers to many Fortune 500 Companies
      • Experienced Solutions with almost 30 years of demonstrable success
      • Adaptable Solutions covering any areas related to risk and safety
      • Letters of Recommendation from the F.B.I., United States Secret Service, President Bush and more
      • Featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Discovery Channel and many other media outlets
We’ve operated in over 125 countries around the world, on every major continent.

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