Case Studies


Investigative Research

We were contacted by a Chicago based ‘Super Lawyer’ who needed to find 2 witnesses to what was claimed to be an accidental fatality. With minimal information to work from other than the location and time of the accident, we were able to locate both witnesses, one of whom was 8000 miles away and as a direct result of their testimony, the law firm recently (March 2014) won a $6.5m verdict against the organization for wrongful death.


Corporate Risk Assessment & Due Diligence

We were contacted by an international hedge fund who were looking to enter into a business relationship with multiple overseas partners. Following our detailed international risk and due diligence assessment we were able to identify areas of concern in the history of one individual that had not shown on any previous searches. As a direct result of our work, we were able to protect our client from entering into a business relationship with someone who had a consistent history of misusing corporate funds and then ‘disappearing’.


Family Safety

A successful entrepreneur engaged The Guidry Group following multiple attempts on his life by a psychotic Stalker and professional, international kidnapping ring. Through our unique family safety assessment methodology combined with our cyber family assessment framework, we were able to identify and reduce risk in a number of key areas resulting in no further attempts of harm as of today.

Gartner’s Symposium IT Expo

Your presence on-site, along with your meticulous pre-event planning, allowed us to focus on the enormous task of carrying out our business objectives without having to worry about security breaches... I commend The Guidry Group on a job well done. Your skills and thoroughness far exceeded our expectations. - Leon Shapiro, Gartner!