Compliance & Investigations

Compliance & Investigations

Taking Thanksgiving Security Seriously

I consulted a number of security professionals including Charles Brown and his close associate Lucy to answer some very concerning security issues that occur every Thanksgiving.

A thorough background check of your turkey or ham is essential. Knowing who they are, what farm they came from, and if they participate in e-verify is crucial to […]

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Privacy – A Lost Art

Recently, I was talking to a friend of mine about privacy and the challenges we all face now through social media and the ‘online’ world.  She told me that she and her husband had set their Facebook settings to private in every category they could, and had locked down who could see their posts and find them to only […]

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‘Worth’ Magazine on the World Cup in Brazil

The Guidry Group had the privilege of contributing to a recent piece in Worth Magazine discussing the challenges and risks for successful individuals who may be contemplating a trip to the Soccer World Cup in Brazil this summer.  As one of the largest sporting events that takes place around the world, the World Cup […]

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Social Media and Cyber Safety

The Internet has become a two-way window to the world. We all see the power and benefits of having the world’s information literally at our fingertips and we acknowledge with mixed emotions our capacity for instantaneous communications. Browsers, search engines, email, instant messaging, Twitter, and most recently social networking via FaceBook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and […]

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Oil & Gas Security Services

Security Services for Oil & Gas Businesses – Houston TX & Worldwide

Oil & Gas Businesses rely broadly on securing their high-risk infrastructure and critical assets so they can provide a stable and confident environment in which their businesses and communities can thrive.
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The Guidry Group can provide oil & gas security services and […]

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Personal & Family Protection Services

Personal Protective Services for executives and their families, high profile individuals such as entertainers, athletes, and diplomats.

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Kidnap and Extortion

There are no two words that instill more panic in the live of countless people every single day that the words ‘Kidnap’ and ‘Ransom’.  Although many times the hostage takers do release their prisoners if a ransom is paid, there are many other times when they don’t.  Consider this:

– 1 child will be kidnapped […]

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BCU Risk Advisors Letter of Recommendation

The Guidry Group’s incredible level of service and responsiveness is truly remarkable in providing unique solutions that go beyond expectations. We believe you are able to “accomplish the impossible” when working with high net worth individuals and families in providing an array of personal security and risk management services.

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The John Buck Company Letter of Recommendation

A letter of gratitude to The Guidry Group for services render in conducting the Security Assessments and Vulnerability at the majority of assets meeting. The quality of service, level of professionalism, and integrity you provided during the assessments was unquestionable.


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Gartner Letter of Recommendation

Given the size and scope of Symposium/ITxpo as well as the many high-profile industry leaders in attendance, The Guidry Group’s expertise was much needed. Your courteous professionalism of swiftly handling any issues that arose combined with your presence and meticulous pre-event planning made it easy to focus on business objectives without having to worry […]

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