Investigative Services

Investigative Services

You get what you pay for

Today we wanted to take a moment to remind our friends of the age old adage… You get what you pay for!

We all apply it freely to things we perceive as having value (a Mercedes must be better than a Ford for example), however it’s surprisingly difficult to apply that same principal to services […]

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Activity Based Intelligence

One of the key areas in business that will often dictate whether a company thrives or dies, is how well they know and understand what their competition is doing.  Not so they can follow or copy those good ideas, but so they can understand the gaps and areas of opportunity that will allow them […]

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Business Disaster Recovery

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

A natural disaster, terrorist plot, or power outage can disrupt your systems-and your organization. Disaster recovery and business continuity planning require more than just back-ups or off-site storage. We ensure availability of critical operations, applications, resources, and workspace, so you can continue to do business, regardless of the situation. […]

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Brand Reputation TradeMark Investigation Security Services

Protecting Property & Business Assets

Our growing intellectual property practice sees us representing world-famous trademark holders. We have conducted undercover operations for multi-national corporations to identify and shut down counterfeit product manufacturing, distribution and sales outlets across the central and western U.S.

Our investigators have completed dozens of investigations around the world leading to arrests and […]

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