Can you help my business with its Cyber Security?

Absolutley, yes! The 21st Century has changed dramatically for business owners and corporations and the constant, daily hacking attempts on corporate networks for Intellectual Property is never ending.  Our team of ex-Government technology experts is well placed and well trained to identify potential and current breaches, remediate and correct as necessary while also developing proactive defensive plans to ensure the network remains robust and safe.  Given the high standard company executives are now help to in the area of Cyber Safety and Compliance, we will be happy to walk you through them.

Do you offer Personal Protection Officers (also known as Executive Protection) and are they armed?

Yes  The Guidry Group has a wealth of experience in offering Licensed Personal Protection Officers in all 50 States.  We’ve protected children, families, officials and more and we’ve never had a situation arise with anyone we’ve been protecting… ever!

If you need armed Protection Officers we can assist with that also subject to the local laws in place.  Call or contact us through this site to learn more.

Can you provide services for my family while overseas?  If so, where?

Yes.  We operate in over 125 countries around the world and have members of our team in many places that are frequently traveled in addition to our main office locations.

If I do a background investigation on someone, will they know about it?

Unless you are requesting to investigate information that requires their consent, then the person would not be aware of the investigation.

Do I need permission from my employee to do a background investigation?

If the background searches are related to their employment then yes, generally speaking you do need their consent as they are protected by the Fair Credit Report Act (FCRA) however, if the searches are related to something other than their employment the rules are sometimes different.  Call us on 1-888-465-6060 to discuss this in more detail.

Can your firm also help with my business security?

Absolutely.  We provide private and commercial security services to a wide range of client across the United States and beyond.  Today, as we all maintain connectivity through the use of the internet and our mobile devices, we often observe our clients business and personal lives intermingling.  This makes our services increasingly relevant for both aspects of their lives.

How do I set up a consultation for my home? 

You can send us a message through the contact form on this site, call us at 1-888-465-8080 or email us at  We will work with you to arrange a consultation at a time that is most convenient for you.

How do you help Corporations with Risk Assessment?

With a wealth of experience in assessing Government and Corporate facilities over almost 30 years, we bring incredible expertise and knowledge to our assessment methodology.  We stress identification of threats, vulnerabilities, and security risks applicable to critical assets, information, and personnel through site reviews and scenario based risk assessment for example. We also help protect Intellectual Property which is becoming a much higher profile target thanks to the onslaught of cyber hacking and advanced persistent threats.

Can you help me find a missing person?

Although we are not a traditional Private Investigations company, we would be happy to discuss the specific situation you may find yourself in.  Call or contact us through this site for more information.

Can you help us choose a safe college for our child?

One of the most daunting times for any family is sending their children to college, where they will no longer be in the protective ‘boundaries’ of the family home.  Thankfully, for our Private Clients we offer a full School Safety Assessment service where we work in tandem with the school officials, to help identify and assess the risks faced for successfully and famous families.  This can be used to help make a decision between two schools, or could be used as a basis for the school to then make changes to improve their risk profile and decrease the risks faced by their students.

Do you offer full escort travel companions?

The Guidry Group offers a complete Journey Management experience for travelers that need it, and a more relaxed ‘Meet and Greet’ type service for those that don’t.

For travelers, we draw up foreign situation advisories, screen transportation services, scout meeting and lodging places and assure mobile communications security. We also provide logistical support from armored cars to complete concierge medical assistance. If you’re traveling overseas, it’s good to have someone familiar with the local laws and regulations on your team.