Educational Establishments

SSchool Vulnerability & Safety Assessments

School security vulnerability assessments are a crucial part of keeping your children safe.

School security has become a critical issue in the 21st Century as the now commonplace school shootings and security incidents continue to mount in the news.

Schools and school systems are charged not only with providing outstanding education, but now they must also be the protectors of their staff and students, from both internal and external predators and other safety related incidents.

This is especially true for smaller school systems that do not have their own security department or large contingent of people who can help with school safety and security on a daily basis.  This is why our unique school security assessments are the foundation stone upon which we build our entire school safety programs.

From our time onsite at both Columbine and Virginia Tech, following the terrible events that occurred or our selection as the primary consultant to the Recovery School District in New Orleans following Katrina, our incredible expertise within the area of education is clear to see. 

From vulnerability assessments, table top training and safety and security sessions to our industry leading insurance options through Lloyds of London. We protect schools and students alike, from an unrivaled position in the marketplace.