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Financial Investigations including identity theft, debit/credit card fraud, and investment scams.

Financial and banking institutions need comprehensive security managed by the highest caliber of security teams.

Just like individuals, businesses can become the victims of financial loss in a variety of ways, including identity theft, debit/credit card fraud, and investment scams to name just a few. These losses can destroy a company’s ability to continue operations if not prepared, and today more than ever, even the biggest corporations such as Sony, Target and others are living proof that no one is exempt, from would be hackers and criminal entities.

Financial Investigations Benefit Both Large and Small Businesses

Loss prevention might seem to be only for big business, but financial investigations can benefit even the smallest companies.

Thieves operate both internally and externally, stealing the assets of any size of business. They can reveal trade secrets (or simply steal the intellectual property), sell customer databases, and divert funds into illegal activities (embezzlement). Insiders can manipulate company stock and financial reports for personal gain and their actions can sometimes put business owners and shareholders at risk.

A common side effect of situations like these is the repetitional damage a business suffers when something goes wrong.

We Prevent Bank Fraud & Eliminate Potential Security Breaches

Bank fraud involves stealing funds in one way or another from a financial institution. It isn’t the same as physical robbery, but actually costs more with fraud losses totaling billions of dollars annually and those losses can have a ripple effect.

Professionals skilled in financial investigations can reveal potential security breaches to prevent devastating financial losses. At the most basic level, our investigative research services can help in the due diligence process of potential new hires and business deals. We can help set up guidelines and controls to prevent losses by evaluating and auditing internal systems.

Should the worst happen and criminal activity is either suspected or has occurred, our investigation switches to determining exactly what happened, how it happened, and who was responsible. That can include forensic accountants skilled in tracking the flow of documents and money, identifying the source of each, who received it, and where it went.

We offer  financial security programs back by our experts knowledgeable in finance, economics, terrorism, telemarketing, and other types of fraudulent activities.

The Guidry Group has a long history of success and our team recognizes the importance of improving operations and increasing efficiencies while delivering on the highly-specific expectations and requirements of the financial security customer.