Government Security

Government Diplomat & Political Protection

Private Security Services for Government Officials, Diplomats and Government Assets.

Hiring private security for politicians and securing government assets may not seem necessary in a great many cases. However, although many public servants receive protection when on official government business, they don’t necessarily receive protection 24/7, nor do their families.

Politicians who serve in any capacity are subject to intense public scrutiny (as are their families, especially children) and while it may seem that politicians can go to the store or events and walk around “among the people,” it can be unsafe to do so in many instances. Large crowds and public events can invite protestors or even people who want to commit violent acts.

Government assets are no different in that they need constant protection to ensure their safety. Someone who is serving as a witness in a major trial or who has intelligence that aids the government becomes valuable beyond measure.  Because of these types of situations, The Guidry Group has developed an enviable reputation in the area of protective services and security consulting for politicians and other key government figures.