Hospitals & Health Care

The modern field of hospital and healthcare security is changing constantly. Security services for the healthcare industry are continually evolving to create new and unique solutions for the daily challenges faced in this sector. The safety and security of patients, employees, intellectual property (patient information) and real property are critical for a medical facility.

  • A healthcare security program plays a critical role in risk mitigation for the physical facility and for important virtual hospital records.  Consider these statistics:
  • Crime against hospitals has increased by 75 percent according to a national survey taken from 2004 to 2009. The survey indicated a 200 percent increase in violent crime and robbery.
  • Non violent crimes committed within a hospital setting included burglary, arson, vandalism and vehicle theft. The healthcare industry has seen an increase in patients becoming more agitated and visitors having less patience.
  • Access controls and identifications are used in order to screen certain visitors from having access to hospital open areas, for example.
  • Additional areas of a medical setting are being restricted to certain medical and security personnel only.
  • Key card access and personnel identification badges are being used to assist with screening processes and security.

What Additional Security Measures Are Being Taken in Healthcare Security?
Modern hospitals and healthcare facilities are using additional measures to ensure the safety of patients, staff and medical visitors that include the following:

  • Security guards are being placed strategically at entry doors and in open medical areas.
  • Security officers are using small cameras to take the facial picture of visitors who appear to be problematic.
  • Video cameras are used along with surveillance tapes in public traffic areas.
  • Duress alarms are in place that may be used for emergency purposes.

With our extended track record of working and protecting large, multi-faceted facilities through the use of technology, infrastructure and personnel, combined with our understanding of HIPPA and other legislative concerns, The Guidry Group is the ideal partner for the Healthcare Sector, call today to learn more about how we can help you.