Industrial & Construction

We live in an increasingly risk-bound society. While it used to be that people could depend on the authorities to patrol against criminal activity, the increasingly tight budgets of most municipalities is forcing the police to concentrate on a few high-profile instances of crime prevention. In particular, commercial, industrial, and construction sites are increasingly being left to provide their own security.

Construction security services are a cost-effective way of managing loss. Although insurance does cover such losses, prevention is far better than the cure because it prevents the delay costs that are associated when a day is lost due to the effects of a theft.

Other important factors to consider are potential negligence and health and safety issues. Industrial and construction sites are dangerous places and eliminating or reducing accidents and worker injuries benefits everyone immeasurably.  Our team not only understands this, but can help develop plans to prevent injury, as well as offering auditing and safety checks to ensure compliance.

With a history of serving literally the largest companies in the world in the area of safety and security, we are well placed to bring the same benefits to you today.