Hollywood blockbusters and Fukashima Daiichi aside, nuclear power plant safety and nuclear safety in general, has a solid record. Compared to the annual deaths from coal mining and the environmental hazards of fossil fuels, nuclear power is safe, secure and well engineered.

However, Nuclear facility safety is an important strategic concern. Facilities security has less to do with the risks of a plant undergoing a meltdown and more to do with protecting any kind of valuable, capital intensive infrastructure from threats.

Understandably, most nuclear facility plant managers don’t have a security mindset. They’re focused on the day-to-day management of infrastructure and power generation. This makes it a reasonable task to contract out to a security specialty firm.

We can perform a wide range of services from compliance testing and audits, security system structuring and complete training regiments for your on-site staff. Additionally, we can also offer staffing and management of the entire onsite security team if required utilizing assets who are already trained in facility security, nuclear hazards and so on. This can be on a temporary or permanent basis.

Last, we are certified to run compliance testing programs. We can conduct penetration testing for example on a physical and cyber basis providing detailed, actionable reports that highlight the current gaps in your coverage along with making recommendations as to how they can be closed.

Access control, infrastructure systems, manpower, penetration testing, compliance, whatever the need may be, The Guidry Group has the capabilities and experience to deliver the solution, on time every time.