Oil & Gas

A safe and reliable energy source is intrinsic to any nation’s economic health as well as its national security. While other forms of energy are being explored, the oil and gas industry remains the most dependable.

Unfortunately, the industry faces unprecedented attacks from enemies both foreign and domestic. More than two million cyber attacks are waged on the oil and gas industry every week and the frequency increases daily. The disruption of operations is an attractive target to many due to the critical role oil and gas has in the very foundation of a country.
These attacks may come from terrorists, but they are not alone in their desire to disrupt the daily life of a nation. Activists, disgruntled employees or criminals seeking financial gain are all a part of the new, unconventional security risk facing the industry.

Protecting this important resource requires a firm with experience in dealing with the complexities of oil and gas production and distribution. The Guidry Group has worked and continues to work with the world’s largest oil and gas companies and we have a proven record of designing and testing security systems to match the challenge.

The Guidry Group has extensive experience in the oil and gas sector and can provide a wide range of security services, as well as regulatory assistance, to protect this vital resource.