Gated community security provides a means of protection for many homeowners.

Security is a must in any home. People need to feel safe and secure when in the comfort of their own houses. Residential security is a vitally important aspect of any homeowner’s basic needs, especially for our Private Clients whose homes are often a magnet for the criminals out there that target wealthy and successful people.

The Guidry Group have worked with High Net Worth and Ultra High Net Worth families all over the United States (and beyond) to provide an unrivaled level of service in the area of Residential Physical Security.

Beginning with our Residential Home and Family Safety Assessment, we examine all aspects of security and safety at the family home while also examining the immediate and wider perimeters to understand more about the neighborhood and geographic location the family lives in.  On a recent assessment for example, we were able to learn of two prior, random home invasions (one of which resulted in a fatality) within a 1/2 mile radius of a client’s home.

Understanding the threats and weaknesses is the foundation upon which we build to report back using our unique, Practical Best Practices approach to make recommendations as to how the risk profile can be reduced and the families safety can be increased.  We can then either take care of the modifications, or oversee your existing preferred partners to ensure everything is completed in the appropriate manner.

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