Travel Protection & Private Security Services

Travel Protection

Travel security services for you and your family.

The Safer Alternative for Travel

Get Travel Protection & Do Not Let Security Threats Ruin a Vacation or Business Trip

Whether you are traveling to an area that is known for high crime, or you are just a high-ranking person who is always a target for potential thugs, the Guidry Group can offer you the private security services that you need to keep you safe. Our bodyguards and agents can blend into the scene while you travel. This allows you to enjoy a normal vacation or business trip while maintaining your personal security and the security of your family. From the moment that you leave your home to the time that you check out of your hotel in the host city, the Guidry Group will keep you safe.

Designed for Business Executives and High Profile Families

Our personal security services are designed to protect high-ranking individuals and their families. No matter the location that you are traveling to, the Guidry Group has the training, experience and the fire power to keep you safe from the threats that beseech foreigners in dangerous locations throughout the world. We offer you with airport security to make sure that you make it to your gate without a lot of hassle. Being a highly known individual can have its downside when you are trying to make your flight, but we keep people away from you and your family in a respectful manner to make sure that you and your flight goes off without a hitch.

Choose the Guidry Group for Your Next Trip

Whether you are departing the country on leisure or business, turn to the Guidry Group for all of your personal security needs. We offer executives, politicians and other high-ranking people the protection that they need to enjoy their trip, get their business done, and return home safely. We offer you with port security whenever you are traveling by ship, and we also offer you with tactically placed personal protectors when you are on land. The best part about traveling with the Guidry Group is that you will not even know that our agents are there most of the time. Stay safe and go with our talented professionals. The extra feeling of safety that you have when one of our agents is watching your back is unmatched. The Guidry Group has all of the tools and training that is needed to keep our clients safe in many different hostile and contested environments.