Today we wanted to take a moment to remind our friends of the age old adage… You get what you pay for!

We all apply it freely to things we perceive as having value (a Mercedes must be better than a Ford for example), however it’s surprisingly difficult to apply that same principal to services and individuals, because there work is so subjective and comparables are practically impossible.

Do you really know who works for your company?  Or what about that contractor who’s about to start working on your family home?  The dog walker?  The nanny or anyone else with access to your inner circle?  Most likely you have some limited comfort gleaned from ‘somewhere’ or ‘someone’ that recommended them, but today, that’s simply not enough.  Sure you could run a cheap, online $99 background check however, how accurate and up to date is the information it provides, really?  It may produce 45 pages of ‘information’ but often times almost all of that is simply filler, with very little actual, useful and credible information being found.

At Guidry we believe protecting yourself, your family and your company can’t be taken too seriously in this day of active shooters, crazed ex-employees and plain vindictive, criminally minded people.  People commit crime, people run your business, and people help you in your personal life as you work. To take the budget option when protecting the most valuable assets in your life simply makes no sense at all.

Consider this scenario. You think you bring on a great employee. He or she is perfect in every way. That should give you pause right there. If you think they can walk on water, you’ll drown. So you purchase a $99.00 report and it provides 47 pages of information, most of which is  meaningless.  You loved that they went to Princeton, but did you verify with an official transcript? You loved their employment history, but did you verify with phone calls to the various internships and former employers? Now, one year later you want to fire the greatest hire in the world because it turns out, they aren’t that great. The problem is that when you do, they do something unexpected and harmful to you or your employees.  This may sound dramatic, but did you know that larger corporations now make it routine to engage firms like us when they’re laying people off so that they have the added security of an undercover security agent close by in case an incident occurs?

Did you know that one of our most recent extortion cases inside the United States came directly as a result of a company that hired an individual with a checkered history of extortion that didn’t show up because he’d never actually been convicted of it, despite multiple arrests all over the country?  Did you know that of the hundreds of research reports we produce each year for our clients looking to hire contractors, domestic employees and more, approx. 1/3 contain flags of concern?  Only this week we completed research on company one of our clients was looking to hire to do some construction work on their property only to find one of the 4 employees being assigned to our client was a convicted rapist.  A few months ago it was a convicted drug dealer trying to do work at another client’s home.  Do these examples mean those people shouldn’t be hired?  That’s not our decision, but while our clients are trying to figure that out, we sure prefer them to have ALL the facts, and not just some of them!

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Managing Director – Washington D.C.